This event is approved
and organized by
Artificial Intelligence
Research Group, IUB

International Conference on Intelligent Technologies and Applications
INTAP 2018

October 23–25, 2018 | Bahawalpur, Pakistan



The International Conference on Intelligent Technologies and Applications (INTAP) 2018 is an international conference that is hosted by the Islamia University of Bahwalpur at Baghd-ul-Jadeed Campus, Bahawalpur. Following are the partners, co-partners of INTAP 2018 and financial and technical sponsors and co-sponsors of INTAP 2018 conference.



Artificial Intelligence Research Group was formed in Department of Cmoputer Science & IT, in 2013. This research group is official partner of INTAP 2018 conference.



Sir Sadiq Association of Computing was constituted in 2012 and is the premier society of Bahawalpur that supports and organizes scientific events and activites under its banner. Sir Sadiq Assocition of Computing is also official co-partner of INTAP 2018 conference.


Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan financially supports the INTAP 2018 conference and is the primary sponsors of INTAP 2018 conference.
The Islamia Univesity of Bahawalpur is host of INTAP 2018 and also technical and financial sponsor of INTAP 2018 conference.

Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) is also co-sponsor of INTAP 2018 Conference