31. 03. 2017All authors are requested to note that scope of JDC has been reduced.

09. 02. 2017JDC contact email available now.







The Journal of Developements in Computing is a quarterly, peer-reviewed international research journal that addresses both applied and theoretical issues. We publish research articles, experience papers, and case studies in the various fields of applied and theoretical sciences.

Due to very high number of submissions last year and this year, we have to reduce the scope of JDC to computing and communication only. Please, read the list given below for further details.

Following are major areas covered by JDC. Submission out of the scope will not be reviewed:

Computing for Decision Making

Computing for Learning

Computing for Problem Solving

Computing for Natural Languages

Computing and Reasoning

Computing for Information Systems

Computing for Information Management

Computing for Health Services

Computing for Coomunication

Computing for Problem Solving




Computing for E-Learning

Computing for Internet of Things

Computing for Modern Databases

Computing for Intelligent Systems

Enterprise Computing

Computing for Secutrity

Sensor based Computing

Computing for E-Commerce

Computing for Imaging

Automated Software Engineering