This event is approved
and organized by
NTNU, Gjøvik, Norway

4th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies and Applications
INTAP 2021

October 11–13, 2021 | Grimstad, Norway

In the recent past, enormous amount of knowledge has become accessible, changing traditional business processes and the way companies innovate and many co-creation initiatives have been launched to deal with this changing world. Co-creation is the collaborative development of new concepts, solutions, products and services together with experts and/or stakeholders including customers, suppliers and regulators. Co-creation is a form of collaborative innovation where ideas are shared and improved together.

At the same time, the availability of an avalanche of data, the development of advance algorithms and the availability of cheap computational power have put artificial intelligence and machine learning into the driver's seat for the accelerated development of new products and services in both start-ups and enterprises. AI's potential contribution to the processes of value co-creation demands effective mechanisms and approaches in order to achieve and manage value-creation in AI focused contexts. However, the co-existence of humans and AI raises a more thought-provoking question: How can humans and AI cooperate for the co-creation of innovation, solutions and product development in the future?

These and related questions will be discussed by a panel of 4-6 experts.

Organizer: Prof. Christian W. Omlin, University of Agder